S U B M I T T I N G . S A M P L E S


Please submit the following all together:

  • Two 750ml bottles or the equivalent of each wine. Yes, that means four half bottles, three 500ml bottles or one magnum. And yes, we still need that quantity even if they have screw caps. It's a quantity factor, not quality.
  • Suggested retail price (with the wines). Prices MUST accompany the wines.
  • Contact info so we can email a real person (not "info@") regarding reviews.
  • If any of these criteria are not met, the wines will not be tasted. Sorry, but they're very simple guidelines even a five year-old can follow.


    Please submit one 750ml bottle (or the equivalent) of each spirit with suggested retail price (with the bottle).


    Please submit one six-pack (or the equivalent) of each type of beer with suggested retail price (with the six-pack).


    Please submit one six-pack (or the equivalent of six 12 oz. bottles/cans) of each type of water/beverage with suggested retail price (with the water).

    Samples, retail prices and contact information should be sent to:

    Tasting Coordinator
    4663 Petaluma Hill Road
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404

    PLEASE NOTE: If you are hand delivering samples YOU MUST eMAIL first. Thanks.

    WEBSITE POSTINGS: All samples receiving a 90+ score will be posted to our website free of cost. You will be emailed by our office explaining costs for adding a label and/or link to your posting. A written review can be purchased as well. If you are not emailed regarding your sample(s), it/they did not receive a 90+ rating. Per submission, all wines are tasted before we contact you (or don't). Meaning, if you submit six wines for review, and we email you stating that four are now listed on justwinepoints.com, it means that the other two did not receive a 90+ rating.

    Any questions please email Jenna Corwin. And please note: Jenna Corwin IS NOT the tasting coordinator. All wines addressed to her will be given to our charity partner, SNAP Cats, for them (the people, not the cats) to drink or do whatever they please with them.