O U R . S Y S T E M

First: Less than 30 percent of the wines we review end up on JustWinePoints.com.

Second: There is no standard 100-point rating scale. If you read the fine print of publications/sources that use this scale, you’ll learn that some publications’ scores are based on how the wine tastes now; some on how they think the wine will taste at its peak (they’re guessing); some scales an “85” means highly recommended; some scales an “85” means average; etc.

So instead of participating in this pool of uncertainty, we’ve decided to take a different road and value a wine on what it’s supposed to be. For example: if we taste a Bordeaux that’s a wannabe “First Growth” then we judge it against a First Growth ideal. If it’s a $10 red blend from California that aspires to be a $10 red blend from California, then we value it on that ideal. Honestly, why judge a $10 red blend from California against a First Growth Bordeaux if the $10 bottle just wants to be a nice, easy-drinking, everyday red wine? If it lives up to everything it’s supposed to be, why devalue it just because it’s not a First Growth?

So that’s our scale. Sure, some of our scores may seem high to those who “think” they know what a 100-point scale is. But maybe they should think again.

Jenna Corwin

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